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Pharaoh's Coconut Charcoal (96pc Cubes)


Pharaoh's Coconut Charcoal (96pc Cubes) is a high-quality charcoal option for hookah enthusiasts. Made from 100% natural coconut shells, these cube-shaped charcoals provide clean and long-lasting heat for an optimal hookah smoking experience.


  • 100% natural coconut charcoal
  • Cube-shaped charcoals
  • Produces clean and odorless smoke
  • Long-lasting heat
  • Easy to light and manage

Pharaoh's Coconut Charcoal (96pc Cubes)

To use Pharaoh's Coconut Charcoal (96pc Cubes), simply place the desired number of charcoal cubes on a hookah bowl or heat management device. Use a charcoal burner or lighter to ignite the cubes until they are fully lit and glowing. Wait for a few minutes until the charcoals are fully heated and then start enjoying your hookah session.

Pharaoh's Coconut Charcoal (96pc Cubes) is known for its low ash content, which means less mess and easy cleanup after your hookah session. It provides consistent heat distribution, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Package Size:

96 pieces per box

Experience the difference with Pharaoh's Coconut Charcoal (96pc Cubes) and enhance your hookah sessions. Visit SmokeTokes to purchase your supply of Pharaoh's Coconut Charcoal today.