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Puffco Peak Pro New - Desert


New Peak Pro by Puffco

Experience the Future of Hash Technology:

The new Peak Pro is the pinnacle of hash technology. This premium smart rig delivers incredible flavor and unparalleled performance. Unlock the fullest potential of the plant with its single-button interface, deep customization via the Puffco Connect app, and patented 3D Chamber. Featuring the Joystick Cap and laser cut perc slots for improved water filtration, enjoy the best hash experience ever in the Desert colorway.

Also Available in Pearl & Onyx.

Unparalleled Flavor and Customization:

Discover a world of flavor like never before with the Peak Pro. Its intuitive single-button interface seamlessly merges with the Puffco Connect app, granting you an unparalleled level of customization. Dive deep into your preferences and enjoy a hash experience tailored to your tastes.

Revolutionary Features:

  • Patented 3D Chamber for Optimal Performance
  • Joystick Cap for Enhanced Control
  • Laser Cut Perc Slots for Superior Water Filtration
  • Real-Time Temperature Control for Precision
  • Large Ceramic Chamber for Rich Flavor
  • Expandable/Customizable Heat Profiles via App
  • Long-Lasting Average Battery Life
  • Rapid 20-Second Heat Up Time
  • Convenient 2-Hour Fast Charge Time
  • Bluetooth App Connectivity for Ultimate Control
  • Customizable LED Lights for Personalized Aesthetics
  • Auto-Sleep Function for Energy Efficiency
  • Wireless Qi Charging for Seamless Convenience
  • USB-C Connection for Modern Compatibility

What’s Included

  • Peak Pro with 3D Chamber
  • Joystick Cap
  • Loading Tool
  • Dual Tool (5-pack)
  • USB-C Cable
  • Carrying Case

Elevate Your Hash Experience:

The New Peak Pro in stunning Onyx black is your gateway to the future of hash enjoyment. Crafted with precision and innovation, it redefines the boundaries of what a hash rig can achieve. Discover the peak of hash technology, only at Smoke Tokes.

Explore the possibilities with the New Peak Pro by Puffco. Elevate your hash experience with cutting-edge features and customization options. Available now in the Puffco collection.