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Raw Black Smell Proof Smoker's Pouch


Raw Black Smell Proof Smoker's Pouch Wholesale Price


  • Smell Proof | The RAW Enhanced Smokers Pouch has 5 Layers of Smell Resistant Materials and a Full-Foil Removable Insert Bag! This Useful Pouch has Multiple Layers of Odor Blocking Barrier Material
  • Modern Design | The Zipper is Siliconized and Water Resistant Properly Concealing your Goodies Whether you are out Enjoying Nature or Indoors Enjoying a Nice Sesh
  • Removable Bag | Includes a Full-foil Removable Insert Bag Purposely Designed for Multi Usage. Morph this 1 Bag into 2 Separate One's to Manage your Goods More Efficiently
  • Easy Maintenance | The Dual Bag-in-Bag Smell lock Foil Makes Spilled Materials Easy to Remove Intelligently Designed to Keep your Materials Extra Fresh and Lock in Terps
  • Blasts Competitors | Other bags May Rob your Terps with Direct Charcoal Contact but RAW Locks them in the Foil and any Smells that may Escape the Lock are then Caught in the Level 2 Charcoal Filter Section

Best Raw Smell Proof Smoker's Pouch For Sale

The RAW Black Smoking Pouch features 5 layers of materials, including a generous layer of activated carbon, to help reduce odors: The zipper is siliconized and water resistant. These pouches are designed to last.

The RAW Smell Proof Smokers Pouch has 5 Smell Blocking Layers:
1st Layer - 600D denier heather with polyurethane coating backing / 100% polyester
2nd Layer - non-woven sheeting / 100% polypropylene
3rd Layer - 70% carbon foam with 30% polyester
4th Layer - non-woven sheeting / 100% polypropylene
5th Layer - silver foil sheeting - aluminum laminated with PEVA and knit backing

Available in 3 sizes: Half Ounce, Full Ounce & QTR Pounder.
 – Small / Half Ounce: 2” x 5.8” x 3.6”
 – Medium / Full Ounce: 2” x 7.8” x 4.5”
 – Large / QTR Pounder: 2.6” x 10.3” x 6”

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