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Raw Smoke Thrower


RAW Smoke Thrower

The RAW Smoke Thrower was invented in the field by our friends at various smoke-outs! We designed and created the ultimate insane over-the-top smoke blower!

We had to make this because we knew it would be so much fun for everyone! Besides, who else on planet earth would design such a RAWdiculous device! Its only real purpose is to make you laugh, and we’re sure it’s going to succeed.

The RAW Smoke Thrower is USB-chargeable, heat-resistant, and engineered for RAWdiculous fun!

  • USB-chargeable for convenience
  • Heat-resistant design for durability
  • Engineered for RAWdiculous fun
  • Insane over-the-top smoke blower
  • Designed for laughs and enjoyment
  • Joint Not Included

Get your RAW Smoke Thrower now and elevate your smoking experience! The package includes a cone size adapter, charging cable, and instructions. Note that the pre-roll is not included.

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