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RAW Terp Spray 5mL Bottles (8pc/ Display)


RAW Terp Spray 5mL Bottles  Wholesale Store


  • Raw Terp Spray
  • Cannabis Native Terps
  • 5mL Bottles
  • 8 Bottles per Display
  • Spray terps on your papers, cones
  • Wait 6 mintues before sparking up
  • 3 Flavors: 

RAW Terp Spray 5mL Bottles Display For Sale Near Me

Now you can spray these Raw Terp Spray Bottles on to your Raw rolling papers, Cones or any other smoking papers or device. This spray is a filled with Cannabis Native Terp spray flavors. Each bottle is filled with 5mL of terps. Before smoking spray these terps on to the surface of papers or cones and wait a total of 6 minutes before you smoke it. Allow the spray to dry and spark up with terpene flavor sprays from Raw.

Raw Orange Soda: Dominant Terps of Myrcene. Intensifies & Amplifies! 

Mycrene, also found in mangoes, is rumored to intensify the effect of smoking! Eating mangoes before smoking elevates you higher.

Raw Sfv Og: Dominant Terps of Limonene. This relieves cough lock and lifts you up!

Raw Sfv Og: Dominant Terps of Caryophyllene.

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