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Roor Glass Filter Tip

Roor Glass Filter Tip

Roor Glass Filter Tip

Product Details:

Upgrade your smoking experience with the Roor Glass Filter Tip. These tips come in assorted colors, including Rasta, Black, and Orange, each featuring the iconic ROOR logo. Designed by RooR, these glass filter tips are the perfect alternative to traditional paper or cardboard tips.

Key Features:

  • **Assorted Colors:** Choose from vibrant options like Rasta, Black, and Orange, all with the ROOR logo printed on the filter tip.
  • **Reusable:** These funky glass tips can be used repeatedly, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly smoking solution.
  • **Cool and Filter Smoke:** These glass tips are placed at the end of your Joint to cool and filter the smoke, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.
  • **Secure Packaging:** Each Roor Glass Filter Tip is packaged in a convenient plastic tube, keeping it protected and ready for use.

Elevate your smoking sessions with the Roor Glass Filter Tip. Experience the benefits of a cooler, filtered smoke with a touch of style and sustainability.