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Safeguard Upass 3oz Fetish Urine



  • High-quality synthetic urine
  • Mimics real urine
  • Includes temperature strip for authenticity
  • Long shelf life for extended usability
  • Easy-to-use and discreet
  • Trusted by many for passing urine tests

Safeguard Upass 3oz Fetish Urine

Looking for high-quality synthetic urine? Check out Safeguard Upass 3oz Fetish Urine, available at Smoke Tokes. We offer the lowest prices on the market for all your smoke accessories, including synthetic urine for your needs.

Safeguard Upass 3oz Fetish Urine is a trusted and reliable solution that mimics real urine. It includes a temperature strip to ensure authenticity during urine tests. With its long shelf life, you can store it for extended periods without worrying about expiration.

Using Safeguard Upass is easy and discreet, providing you with a stress-free solution for various situations. Many individuals have relied on Safeguard Upass to pass urine tests successfully, making it a popular choice among users.

At Smoke Tokes, we pride ourselves on offering wholesale pricing on all our smoke accessories, ensuring you get the best value for your money. We carry a wide range of products to meet your smoking needs, and Safeguard Upass 3oz Fetish Urine is just one of many options available.

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