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Santa Cruz Shredder Large Hemp Tray

Color: Assorted

Santa Cruz Shredder Large Tray. Advanced Engineered Products. Whole Sale

The Large Hemp Rolling Tray box of 16 by Santa Cruz Shredder is certainly the GOAT rolling tray on the market, it has been intelligently designed to ensure optimized functionality.

The Large Hemp Rolling Tray box of 16 is now available for the collectors, so you can be set for life with these incredible trays. This large size is perfect for rolling up a nicely sized smoke or to use a rolling station whilst you prep your pre-rolls.

The large size makes this ideal for use at home compared to the small personal sized tray, which is ideal for travel & use on the move, we always keep one in the car for the crucial moments. Featuring functionality such as the built-in lip that allows you to swiftly pour your smoking blend from the tray into the top of your smoke, making filling a breeze. The trays are also completely eco-friendly thanks to the pure hemp construction that is both bio-degradable and hard-wearing. 

After heavy testing, we can guarantee your Santa Cruz Shredder Tray will be a constant fixture of your canna merch & will last until you decide to replace it.


  • Length: 27.5 cm
  • Width: 20cm