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Stokes - Frio Nectar Collector - Blue

  • Features:

    • Stokes Glass
    • Frio
    • Nectar Collector
    • Color: Blue
    • Borosilicate Glass


    • Total Height with Tip: 8.0"
    • Base Length: 5.6"
    • 10mm Male Glass Tip


    • Nectar Collector
    • 10mm Male Glass Tip
    • Plastic Clip + Bowl

    Stokes - Frio Nectar Collector -  Blue For Sale Near Me

    This Stokes Glass Frio Nectar Collector features a unique shape made from borosilicate glass with colorful glycerin filled in the inside with a swirl shape that allows smoke to pass through. Smoke Tokes is a biggest distributor of Stokes Frio Nectar Collector Blue in California, United States of America with best price or lowest price or wholesale price. buy online Stokes Frio Nectar Collector Blue near me at online wholesale shop.

    Stick in the freezer allowing it to get color before you plan to use, and you’ll be enjoying the chillest hits around!

    • Make sure that you place your Frio Nectar Collector on a flat surface in the freezer, preventing any knocks or bumps while freezing.