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STOKES - Trippy Silicone Hand Pipe

Color: Red


  • Trippy Silicone Hand Pipe
  • Water Pipe with Glass Bowl
  • Display Box


  • Length: 6.75" inches

STOKES Trippy Silicone Water/Hand Pipe

The new Stokes  Trippy Silicone hand pipe Water Pipe with Glass Bowl and Display Box is a unique and colorful smoking accessory that is sure to catch your eye. The pipe is designed in the shape of a mushroom, which is made from high-quality silicone that makes it easy to clean and take apart.

One of the best features of this pipe is its ability to attach a glass bowl to one side of the mushroom water pipe, allowing you to quickly and easily spark up your favorite smoking material. The glass bowl is a perfect addition to this pipe, as it ensures that you get a clean and smooth smoking experience every time.

Not only is the Stokes Trippy Silicone Hand Pipe Water Pipe functional, but it is also visually stunning. The vibrant and psychedelic colors of the pipe are sure to appeal to anyone who loves bright and trippy designs. The pipe comes with a display box, which makes it an excellent gift for your smoking buddies or as a fun addition to your personal collection.


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