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Stündenglass Pineapple Globe (Single)


Stündenglass Pineapple Globe (Single)

The Stündenglass Pineapple Globe (Single) is a unique and eye-catching glass piece designed to enhance your smoking experience. Shaped like a pineapple, it adds a touch of tropical vibes and style to your collection.


  • Pineapple Shaped Design: The glass piece is meticulously crafted in the shape of a pineapple, creating a visually stunning and distinctive appearance.
  • Stündenglass Pineapple Globe (Single) is not only a functional glass piece but also a work of art. Its pineapple-shaped design sets it apart from traditional glass pieces, adding a unique touch to your smoking sessions.

Experience the tropical vibes and style with the Stündenglass Pineapple Globe (Single) (Single). Shop for this product and other glass pieces at Smoke Tokes. Explore our wide selection, competitive prices, and high-quality products.

Freshen up your Stündenglass with these unique Pineapple glass globes! Be the envy of the town with these amazing and beautiful globes. Each globe gives the ambiance of tropical sensations and mystical waves. Includes only one Pineapple globe, be sure to buy 2 to complete your unit. 


1x Single Pineapple Globe

1x Small Upstem