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The Revolver - Grinder & Cone Filler


Box Contains:

  • 1 x - The REVOLVER Device,
  • 20 x - Signature Pre-Rolled Cones
  • 1 x - Signature Matchbox
  • 1 x - Signature J-Tube

The Revolver - Grinder & Cone Filler 

The Revolver with an Integrated Herb Grinder, Capacity for 5 Pre-rolled Cones. 6th chamber allows material flow-through for your own use, THE REVOLVER is the only device you need.

Simple. Easy. Quick.

Step 1: Lift off funnel and grinder, insert cone(s) into marked holes.

Step 2: Replace funnel and grinder, align the arrow on cone to fill.

Step 3: Load material into grinder

Step 4: Do not overfill. You can always grind a second time.

Step 5: Grinder and tap by hand. To help pack cone(s). keep tapping.

Step 6: Remove lid to make sure the funnel is empty underneath. If not, keep tapping.

Step 7: Remove the funnel and grinder. Use the lifter ring to remove filled cone(s).

Step 8: Use the tamping tool to pack cone(s).

Quick Tips

The Revolver does more than just fill cones - it can be used as a standard grinder.

Place the funnel arrow over a single notch to select a cone.

Place it over a triple notch to select the catch container.

The REVOLVER fits cones sizes 1 1/4 to King.

<.6 g per 1 1/4 size cone and < 1 per king size cones.