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Thicket Spaceout Raygun Torch

Color: Black

Thicket Spaceout Raygun Torch

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  • Brand: Thicket 
  • Item: Spaceout Raygun Torch
  • Color: Black, White, Red
  • Anti-flare, brass-frame nozzle, for safety and flame control
  • Torch tabletop stand, for hands-free use
  • Gas-flow adjustment turning knob, to control flame length
  • Heat: 2,500-degree F, torch flame, for a more precise flame tip
  • Torch used for heating up quartz nail bangers


  • 1 x Raygun Torch with kickstand
  • 1 x Display Box 

Box Size: 10in, 9in, 2.5in


Spaceout Raygun Torch

The Thicket Spaceout Raygun Torch is a very unique refillable gas torch made to resemble a space gun. This Spaceout Raygun torch is the most popular torch of 2023 with a variety colors available. 

You can easily turn the knob on the torch to release butane and clicking the raygun torch clicker to spark the flame releasing a precise flame for anyone taking a dab by heating up the quartz banger or lighting up your joints, warps, papers with this Raygun torch. This torch is a very cool looking torch that will have you be the talk of the smoke sesh with this colorful raygun torch.

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