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Tyson x Stündenglass THE CHAMPION'S Glove Globe (Single)

Color: Red

Stündenglass The Champion's Glove Globe (Single)

The Stündenglass The Champion's Red & Clear Glass Glove Globe (Single) is a special edition glass piece that celebrates the spirit of champions. With its striking red glove design, it represents strength, power, and victory.


  • Glove Design: The glass piece features a unique red glove design, symbolizing the spirit and determination of champions.


  • 1 x Glove Globe
  • 1 x Display Box

The Stündenglass The Champion's Red Glove Globe (Single) is not just a functional glass piece but also a statement of power and achievement. Its striking red glove design embodies the passion and drive of champions, making it a truly special piece for collectors and enthusiasts.

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