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Whip-it! Ion Lite Torch

Color: Blue / White

Whip it Ion Lite Torch Lighter Wholesale Price

The Whip-It! Ion Lite Torch excels in portability and sporty appeal. Whether you are creating delicious meals, working on a garage project or exploring the great outdoors, the Whip-It! Ion Lite is the ideal torch for any use. Lightweight and equipped with a powerful Piezoelectronic high-output flame that is adjustable and precise, this torch speaks for itself with its stylish appearance and ease of use.

  • Piezoelectric Ignition System
  • Powerful, high-output flame
  • Comfortable grip and adjustable flame size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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Applications: Dabbing, Culinary, Jewelry Repair, Mechanical Repair, Medical and Lab, Outdoor, Automotive & more!