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Whip-it! Stealth Torch

Color: Silver
Whip-it! Stealth Torch

Whip-it! Stealth Torch

Discover the perfect balance of sculptural sophistication and everyday functionality with the Whip-It! Stealth Torch Lighter . Crafted to resemble a modern art piece, this torch also boasts the durability and performance of a reliable kitchen tool. Its adjustable and precise flame is designed to excel in various applications, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit. The Stealth is incredibly lightweight and features a comfortable grip, ensuring your convenience during use. Furthermore, it includes a lockable flame for ultimate control over your flame source.


  • Piezoelectric Ignition System
  • Durability and comfortable grip
  • Sleek design with superior performance
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Size: Width: 4 1/8" Depth: 1 5/16" Height: 5 1/8" (*BUTANE GAS NOT INCLUDED*)

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