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Wulf Yocan Ari Knife Vaporizer Kit (Display of 9pcs) Mix Color


Wulf Yocan Ari Knife Vaporizer Kit (Display of 9pcs) Mix Color Wholesale


  • Wulf Yocan Ari Knife Vaporizer Kit 
  • Portable and compact design
  • 510-threaded connection
  • Variable voltage setting
  • Heating tip for cutting and melting wax concentrates
  • Display of 9pcs for bulk or wholesale purchase
  • Mix color design
  • Efficient cutting of hard waxy concentrates
  • No wastage of materials
  • High-quality construction
  • Trusted brand for wax concentrate enthusiasts

Yocan Kodo  Adjustable Voltage Knife Vaporizer Kit 400mAh Powered By Wulf Mods Display of 9 (pcs/cs) Assorted Colors For Sale

Introducing the game-changing Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit, the latest innovation in the world of wax concentrate consumption. Designed with 510-threaded connection, this accessory is the ultimate tool for heating your favorite materials in preparation for your next session.

Crafted with the user's convenience in mind, the Wulf Mods Ari Knife Kit is the perfect cutting tool for hard waxy concentrates. Traditional cutters can be frustrating, leading to wastage of precious wax. However, with the Ari Knife Kit, cutting through your stash is seamless and efficient, ensuring none of your valuable concentrate goes to waste.

What sets the Ari Knife Kit apart is its ability to heat the tip of the tool, melting even the hardest concentrates without them sticking to the blade. This unique feature not only ensures a seamless cutting experience but also maximizes your wax concentrate usage.

We are the largest Yocan online wholesale distributor based in Los Angeles, California, United States of America with a store available online constantly and quick delivery. The Wulf Yocan Ari Knife Vaporizer Set (Display of 9pcs) is available from our huge wholesale distributor store in bulk or in large numbers at wholesale prices.

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
    Not intended for tobacco or nicotine use
    Underage Sale Prohibited
    Sale Only Allowed in The United States