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X-Men Weed Magnetic Top Rolling Tray



  • X-Men Weed Tray Theme
  • Magnetic Top Rolling Tray
  • Small Size - 10.5" x 7"

X-Men Weed Magnetic Top Rolling Tray

This X-Men Weed Magnetic Top Rolling Tray rolling tray is perfect for anyone that is a stoner and that likes X-Men. The design has a colorful image with some of the X-Men characters in attack mode while smoking joints and hitting the bong while flying though the purple clouds. It includes a magnetic top to cover the rolling tray and keep your herb or papers from going everywhere. Easy cover the top with all your rolling stuff inside and you can take on the road with you to any session or keep at home with all your smoking essentials organized.

  • *THE BEST - This Small Metal Rolling Tray is the perfect accessory to add to anyone's herb rolling kit.
  • * PERFECT FOR YOUR SET - Rolling trays for all your herb rolling needs.
  • * DURABLE METAL - This Herb Rolling Tray features a limited edition design.
  • * HOLD IT ALL - Your Herb Grinder, Papers, Herb, rollers are all safe in this small tray!