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Zig Zag Rose 2 Rose Wraps (8 Tubes Per Display)


Zig Zag Rose 2 Rose Wraps (8 Tubes Per Display)Wholesale Store

We are offering top quality Zig Zag Rose 2 Rose Wraps with wholesale price at best distributor store.


  • Zig-Zag
  • Premium Rose Cones
  • 2 per Tube (109mm)
  • Pre-Rolled Rose Cone Papers
  • Size: 109mm
  • Humidity Control Pack (Integra - 1g 62%)

Best Zig-Zag Premium Rose 3pk Cones (8 Count Display) For Sale Near Me

Smoking on Zig Zag the Zig Zag Rose 2 Rose Wraps, now available in a display of 8 tubes per set. Each cone is hand-crafted using naturally grown rosebuds that undergo a meticulous selection process for petal quality before being fashioned into a wrap. To ensure freshness and rose aroma when burned, the cones are packaged in a protective plastic tube with a packing tool and a humidity-control pouch. These stunning wraps come in a variety of three possible rose colors, which are randomly assorted among the tubes. Elevate your smoking experience with the captivating aroma and delicate beauty of Zig Zag Rose 2 Rose Wraps.

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